Did Jesus have kids?
Did Jesus have kids?

Did Jesus have kids?

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What kind of question is this?

Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon question to ask – in fact, you asked the question so there’s another person wanting to know ‘did Jesus have kids?’ There are many who assume that he did and in fact state it as fact that Jesus had kids, so it isn’t so weird to be asking the question.

Well to start off let’s look at what we can know about Jesus’ life from eye witness accounts in the Bible. We usually call them the Gospels. We know that Jesus had brothers and sisters, we know that Jesus had parents (Mary the teen mom and Joseph the carpenter). What isn’t stated in the Bible is if he had kids or not.

A wife?

Jesus was a public figure, and a very popular one at that. People knew him as a righteous man, worthy of following even to the point of their death by execution. His enemies knew him too, and their accusations about Jesus are recorded in the Bible. Nobody mentions a wife of Jesus, he is not wedded during the gospels – but he does attend a wedding and makes some sweet wine out of water.

But what we can’t see from any of the texts that we have is that Jesus had a) a wife or b) children.


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